Gunworks, A Child’s Way

As you may or may not know I am Chris Pittman’s daughter. So I got my first gun when I was about 8, and I have shot quite a lot of guns. I have an article about the different guns that I have shot. The only guns that I have shot that are not on that article are the AR-15 and the revolver. The AR-15 was not as loud as the one my mother shot. Here is a link to the Youtube video I made, and here is a link to the one my mother made. The video of me is my first time shooting both of these guns.

Guns are not really scary to me because I have been around them for 2 or 3 years of my life. I am also 10 and understand guns. Guns may still be a strange scary concept for you and that’s ok. My blogs are much shorter because I am younger. I also do not understand guns as much as my parents. I understand filming goats!

I really like helping my father! So when he needs something I get it for him. Both of the guns that I shot were my father’s. The AR-15 and Ruger Wrangler .22 revolver were almost completely different; the only thing that was the same about them was that they both shot bullets.

The Wrangler was a revolver, while the AR-15 was semi-automatic rifle. Loading the Wrangler was much easier than loading the AR-15 because all you had to do was pull a lever and rotate the cylinder and put your bullets in. It was more fun to unload and load the revolver.

It was a lot easier to pull the trigger on the revolver. The AR-15 was a lot louder and had a little kick, but not as loud or as much kick as the rifle my mother shot.

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Emma Pittman

Emma is a ten-year-old who likes to shoot under the watchful eye of her father. So far she has learned to shoot a revolver, several semi-automatics, and an AR-15. She has also driven a tractor and gone fishing. She loves to draw and write.

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