Mao’s Rules of Insurgency: Marxism in Seattle

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People who want to take over governments are fond of writing rules about it. I heard that Chairman Mao Tse Tung of China had written such a rulebook, so I went looking for it. Here is what I found:

Mao Tse Tung’s Theory of Revolutionary War

Mao divides war into three phases. Mao’s goal was Social Revolution. He wanted to change the fundamental structure of society.

Phase One

The first phase is organization. Political activists distribute propaganda to the general populace attacking the government. The revolutionaries mingle with their target audience, establishing connections.

The goal is to erode confidence in the government’s good intentions. Meanwhile the military wing is organizing and preparing cells, recruiting members, infiltrating other organizations, and stockpiling weapons.

Phase Two

The next phase, progressive expansion, moves on to guerrilla warfare: kidnappings, terrorist attacks, and “setting up parallel governments in insurgent areas.” This is where ordinary citizens are afraid not to cooperate. CHAZ, anyone?

On June 8, 2020, Seattle police ceded a six block area to the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone with the approval of Democratic Mayor Jenny Durken, who called it the “Summer of Love.”

The mayor finally allowed the police to clear CHAZ on July 1 after 4 shootings in 10 days. Two of them were fatal.

Portland, Oregon established its own Autonomous Zone on June 18. It lasted five hours before the police dismantled it.

On June 22 insurgents in Washington, DC established the “Black House.” President Trump had it eradicated by the next morning.

In Atlanta on July 4, BLM militants shot into an SUV as the driver attempted to make a U-turn and leave the occupied area. Eight-year-old Secoriea Turner died in that SUV, prompting the formerly tolerant mayor of Atlanta to declare on July 6, “Enough is enough…you can’t blame this on police officers. It’s about people who shot a baby in a car.”

See my blog about my family’s visit to Atlanta a week before Secoriea Turner was murdered.

When I updated this post on August one I looked for updates on whether Black Lives Matter is still actively making trouble in Atlanta and I found nothing substantive. I found a few social events but no indication that they are still there or that they have been forced to leave.

Phase Three

The third phase, the decision phase, is conventional warfare: outright attacks on the government: seizing cities and assuming control of the country. If you were not horrified enough by CHAZ taking over parts of Seattle, wait until they get to a city near you.

In Phase Three you need military discipline because rampant violence in the street will not support an organized army. Well-trained armies must present themselves as disciplined. In 1928 Mao addressed the matter with his Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention, found on the website:

 The Three Main Rules of Discipline are as follows:

  • Obey orders in all your actions.
  • Don’t take a single needle or piece of thread from the masses.
  • Turn in everything captured.

The Eight Points for Attention are as follows

  • Speak politely
  • Pay fairly for what you buy
  • Return everything you borrow
  • Pay for anything you damage
  • Don’t hit or swear at people
  • Don’t damage crops
  • Don’t take liberties with women
  • Don’t ill-treat captives

Where Mao Got His Ideas

The basis of Mao’s ideas was Marxist-Leninist doctrine. The link goes to Lenin advocated a vanguard party of elite revolutionists to set the stage for revolt.

Marx believed that capitalism held the seeds of its own destruction and the workers would eventually rise in revolt. Lenin advocated forming coalitions and insidiously infiltrating the ruling parties.

In America the ruling parties would be Democrats and Republicans. Have you noticed anyone in those parties whose goals do not align with our free market system?

Purges follow the takeover of the system. Lenin and Mao were masters of the purge. Murdered Chinese citizens numbered in the millions during his reign.

How America Does Maoism Differently

In China the proletariat class of industrial workers was not big enough to wage a successful revolt. Instead Mao roused the peasants, with the issue of land rights at the core of their discontent.

Mao began his struggle in thinly populated rural areas. The American version is being played out in the most crowded sections of our large cities.

Mao’s insurgents started by taking on the police force in a small village with kidnapping or assassination. This notified the populace that a new force had entered town and had the power to do damage.

The discontented and the curious would watch to see if this new force would institute a system they liked better than the old one. Gradually enough insurgents would join to become an actual threat to the system in power.

Meanwhile, officials of the current government struggled between staying in power and appearing to understand the complaints of the insurgents.

Once again, we can look at Seattle. The Mayor allowed the rioters to organize and take over several city blocks.

Then they tried to burn down the Mayor’s house. Guerillas withdraw when an operation is completed or when it is going awry. As soon as the Mayor stood her ground and let the police enforce the laws, the insurrectionists dispersed.

This too is part of the plan. A small force of insurgents facing the might of the US government would not survive. They have to withdraw to remain alive, so they can grow into an insurmountable force.

How to Combat Maoism

Is there a way to beat the insurgents? Of course there is.

Witness the couple in St. Louis, Mark and Patricia McCloskey. When the mob arrived at their mansion June 28 and stormed the gates, beating drums and chanting, a pair of homeowners stood outside with a pistol and and AR-15. They held their own and the looters left without burning down the house or taking over the property.

On July 20, St Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner charged the couple with felony unlawful use of a weapon. Attorney General Eric Schmidt has moved for dismissal and the governor of Missouri has indicated that he will pardon them if they are convicted.

Missouri is a Castle Doctrine state, meaning that homeowners have the right to defend their homes against violent threats. In Missouri you have no duty to retreat when someone enters your property, including your porch or back yard.

The McCloskeys, who are both lawyers, are currently defending themselves in court. Their next court date is October 6.

A Counter-Insurgency Expert’s Plan

Sir Robert Thompson, a counter-insurgency expert, suggests the following. I have simplified and paraphrased, but you can go to the link to see his plan on

  • Get the support of the people. Don’t feed, house, or supply the insurgents. I saw reports of Seattle and Portland residents bringing food to the insurgents and even standing between them and the police.
  • Mount an aggressive media campaign with a message that appeals to the people. If we only hear from those who approve the occupation, we think everyone else agrees with their ideas.
  • Address corruption in the government, starting at the local level. President Trump refers to this as draining the swamp.
  • Don’t overreact with more force than required.
  • Military sweeps may be necessary.
  • Keep the insurgents on the run with aggressive patrols, raids and ambushes.
  • Recruit the locals to participate in countering the insurgency. The Clay County, Florida sheriff exemplified this technique when he promised to deputize every lawful gun owner against violent protests in his area.
  • Be familiar with the local culture to avoid confusion and errors.
  • Gather and organize useful intelligence.
  • Divide the conflict area into sectors and clear them one at a time.
  • Carefully deploy mass popular forces such as citizen militias.
  • Limit the involvement of foreign aid.
  • Allow enough time to wear down the insurgents.

We haven’t lost yet. I see our republic in danger, but we don’t have to go the way of China. We don’t have to be ruled by dictators like Cuba and North Vietnam.

We are the United States of America. We have the best political system in the world. We need to keep our Constitution intact.

Read about the revolutions that have happened around the world and decide whether you want to live with a similar outcome here. Then take a stand for liberty.

Keep reading my blog at and stay informed.

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