Laser Strike Auto Illuminating Dry Fire Training Target

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Laser Strike reached out to us and sent us their Auto Illuminating Dry Fire Training Target to try. They also gave us a referral code. If you buy one, please use referral code deg0228.

The Laser Strike Auto Illuminating Dry Fire Training Target is a simple and convenient way to practice your aim without plugging it in or hooking it up to a computer and without using ammunition. The red reflective front is backed by a magnetic surface. Just mount it magnetically to a surface, use the included magnet to attach it to a paper target, or set it on the included acrylic stand.

My husband Chris did a review of the Laser Strike on our YouTube Channel, Double Eagle Gunworks. See the video here.

Packaging for the Laser Strike Auto Illuminating Dry Fire Training Target

What you get with the Laser Strike Auto Illuminating Dry Fire Training Target

Our sample of the Laser Strike came packed in a sturdy white shipping box. The target was encased in bubble wrap. The magnet for attaching the target to objects was in a plastic envelope. The paper inserts for reducing the target size were lying at the bottom of the box and the stand was in two pieces that we had to assemble by screwing the post into the plate.

Specs for the Laser Strike Auto Illuminating Dry Fire Training Target

Laser Strike does not publish its specs, so I measured it myself. According to my food scale, the target weighs 2 3/4 ounces and the stand weighs 1 3/4 ounces. The diameter of the target is 3 1/16″ and the depth is 2 1/4″.

The front of the target is a red reflective surface similar to a reflector on a car. The surface of the reflector has a rough texture in a diamond-checked pattern. The body of the target is made of a light metal topped with a rubber sleeve for traction. An additional rubber band marked “Laser Strike Clear Weapons” serves as a reminder to remove ammunition before practicing.

The back of the target is a flat magnetic metal surface. This allows you to sandwich a paper target or a curtain between the target and the included magnets to affix your target to a wall, door, or window.

The stand is a 4″ x 4″ clear acrylic plate 1/8″ inch thick. You screw the 4 1/2″ tall black plastic post into the plate with a Phillips head screw. At the top of the post is a 3/4″ magnetic circle that attaches securely to the target. The target will attach at the back or on the side.

Use the stand in the upright position on a flat surface with the target on its side, or upend the stand to steady the target on a shelf.

What You Need to Use the Laser Strike Auto Illuminating Dry Fire Training Target

The beauty of the Laser Strike system is its simplicity. All you need is the target and something that gives off red light. You can use a laser cartridge inserted into your gun or pair it with a SIRT pistol, which looks and feels like a gun but does not use ammunition and therefore cannot accidentally discharge.

How the Laser Strike Auto Illuminating Dry Fire Training Target Works

The red reflective surface of the Laser Strike target illuminates as a result of the light hitting an internal set of angled lenses designed to refract the light. The resulting light looks similar to reflectors on the road that light up when a car passes. Your laser will require a battery to work, but the Laser Strike does not require any electrity. You aren’t using ammunition either.

Pairing the Laser Strike with the LaserHIT app

You can pair the Laser Strike with a mobile app such as LaserHIT that uses your phone’s camera to record the accuracy of your shots. I downloaded the free Laser HIT on my iPhone and gave it to my 12-year-old daughter Emma to examine.

Opening the app began with a clicking noise that continued with each different screen. We began by acknowledging the fundamental rules for safe gun handling, then went to a main menu that offered the website, tech support, cartridge choice, and practice.

The cartridge options included Laserhit HD in a variety of calibers from revolver to rifle or generic laser in red, green, or blue. For use with our SIRT Pistol and the Laser Strike we choose the red laser option and proceeded to the next screen to choose a caliber. We randomly chose 9mm.

The SIRT is not a real gun and does not specify a caliber, but the caliber setting could make a difference if you are using a laser with your actual pistol.

We chose the Free Target option. The Black Steel option is also free, and the Top Score and Quick Hit options are $9.99 each. We then chose “Practice” and had to agree that we had no live ammo in the chamber or the magazine or the room with us. Then we chose the “Your Target” option in order to practice with the Laser Strike target.

A computer-generated voice explained how to set up the target. My iPhone did not want to lock onto the round Laser Strike target so we used the included magnet to attach it to a Strikeman target and mounted the phone on the Strikeman tripod.

We used the Strikeman tripod and target to steady the Laser Strike for use with the LaserHIT app on my iPhone. iPhone in foreground; target in background.

The app used the camera on my phone to calibrate the target. We shot the target with the SIRT pistol and the app recorded the number of hits. Once we got the game set up it recorded hits based on the activation of the lenses.

Honestly, the computer game did not add to the fun. Emma was mildly amused by it but was not impressed that you can only shoot 10 rounds at a time. Chris found the computer-generated voice irritating. Unless you really like video games, just use the Laser Strike by itself.

Our Experience Using the Laser Strike Auto Illuminating Dry Fire Target

My husband Chris tried the Laser Strike System with his HK45 and S&W Shield EZ with inserted laser cartridges (buy one from our website). He was impressed with the simplicity of the program, which requires no batteries beyond those in your laser or cartridge. The target simply lights up in response to laser because of its angled refractory lenses. See the YouTube video where he tries the system.

I am not technically inclined by nature, so I was happy to find a dry fire system that works solely on light from a laser. A laser cartridge exists for the .38 revolver, but you would have to keep rotating to the chamber with the insert or buy enough inserts for all the chambers. That could get very expensive.

You can get a laser to mount onto a revolver, but I haven’t done that yet, so I used a SIRT Pistol (use our code deg10 for 10% off). The SIRT Pistol is shaped like the gun of your choice and emits a laser light when you pull the trigger.

When I used our SIRT Pistol which is modeled after the Glock 19 I found it easy to activate the target. The included paper minimizers allowed me to reduce the size of the target in order to require more accuracy. This feature lets you advance the difficulty as you increase your skills.

Laser Strike includes three paper minimizers of different sizes as well as a clear disc to improve accuracy when you use the device with a video game.

How the Laser Strike Auto Illuminating Dry Fire Target Compares to Other Dry Fire Systems

MethodActivation MethodEquipment NeededRequires Computer/PhonePortable Price
Using your gunNoneGunNoYesNA
Laser StrikeCartridge or LaserGun, Target,Cartridge or LaserNoYes$
Dry Fire OnlineCartridge and AppGun, Cartridge, Monitor/TV, Phone, WebsiteYesNo$
StrikemanCartridge and AppGun, Cartridge, App, TargetYesYes$
SIRTPistolSIRT Pistol and any target
SIRT can subsitute for any gun
Mantis XShot Recorder and AppGun, Shot Recorder, Phone, AppYesYes$
Mantis ARLaser and AppGun, Laser, AppYesYes$$
Dry Fire Methods We Have Tested

What We Recommend For Dry Firing Practice

If you have the resources, spend a little money and get a system that looks like fun. The better you like it, the more you will use it. If you are strapped for cash, just remove the ammunition from your gun, point it in a safe direction, and practice. See this article for more details on dry firing, including which guns are suitable (some guns have a firing pin that would break with repeated dry firing).

If you want your dry firing experience to be like a video game, choose Dry Fire Online. See our review here.

For feedback on your shooting, choose the Mantis X or the Mantis AR. See our reviews here and here. For statistics without advice, try the Strikeman.

Use the Laser Strike if you want simplicity and portability at a low cost.

The SIRT pistol works with all the methods listed above except Mantis and provides a realistic model of your gun while eliminating any possibility of accidentally firing a real gun. Get a SIRT pistol and pair it with any of the listed methods except the Mantis X and the Mantis AR.

To watch my husband Chris use the Laser Strike or any of the other listed systems, visit our YouTube channel Double Eagle Gunworks.

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Carla is a Speech Pathologist working in Home Health by day and a blogger by night. She married Chris in 2008 and is working to help him unite his love of guns with his passion for teaching others to carry safely. Her other impetus for blogging is to make Americans aware of their Constitutional rights, which are at risk in the current political environment.

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