Olight Baldr S Weapon Light Review

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Recently Olight sent us a Baldr S to review in advance of its debut. The Baldr S became available July 26, 2021. Don’t wait too long to get yours because Olight products are popular and move quickly.

The Olight Baldr S is a compact LED weapon light with a green laser. The light has two intensity settings: 100 and 800 lumens. Switch between the light, laser with light and laser only settings by sliding the switch on its underside. Turn it on and off by toggling the switches at its back. Recharge it magnetically. Attach it to your guns via interchangeable 1913 and Glock rail adapters.

Olight sent the Baldr S via DHL shipping in a cardboard box padded with bubble wrap. Inside the shipping container was the display box, a thinner cardboard box featuring a photo of the light and Olight’s Teal logo on a white background, with the rest of the writing in charcoal gray.

The packaging for the Olight Baldr S
New Product: Olight Baldr S Weapon...
New Product: Olight Baldr S Weapon Light

Inside the package, the light (with battery) was nestled into a thin plastic container molded specifically to its contours. The map-folded instructions and the magnetic charger were packed on the underside of the molded plastic.

A small zip bag taped to the teal cardboard insert contained an Allen wrench, 1913 adapter with screws, a Nylon oval point set screw, a Nylon cone point set screw, and 4 M3 socket screws. The instructions were printed in English and 17 other languages. The Glock adapter was already attached to the light.

Specifications for the Baldr S

Green Beam OnGreen Beam OffMax Throw
High 4400cd800 lumens 1 minute, 300 32 minutes, then 80 lumens800 lumens 1 minute, 300 lumens 39 minutes, then 80 lumens130m
100 lumens 90 minutes100 lumens 140 minutes45m
MomentaryOn while switch is heldOn while switch is held
Baldr S light specs
Weight including battery95 grams/3.35 ounces
Max output5 mW
Max runtime5 hours
Wavelength510-530 nm
Charge time1 hour (longer with insufficient power source)
Charging methodUSB source/magnetic cable
Waterproof ratingIPX4
Drop test1 meter
Battery380 mAh lithium polymer
Dimensions63 x 32.5 x 36mm
2.48 x 1.28 x 1.4″
Baldr S specs

Instructions For the Olight Baldr S

I like words better than pictures, so it takes me a while to understand technical instructions printed primarily in icons. Fortunately, I have used the Baldr Mini and the Valkyrie from Olight, so I am already familiar with their workings. For those of you who are more verbal than spatial, as I am, here is how to use the Baldr S.

Installing the Olight Baldr S

Start by watching my husband’s YouTube video where he installs a Baldr Mini on his Sig P320. Then come back here and walk through the process with me. Unload your gun for this, of course.

Note: I separate the carriage from the light because it makes it less bulky. My husband insists it makes more sense to treat them as a unit for installation. You decide.

Step 1: determine whether you have a Picatinny/1913 rail or a Glock rail. See the manufacturer’s specifications for your gun. I chose a S&W M&P Shield, which has a 1913 rail.

The S&W M&P Shield pairs with the 1913 rail

Step 2: choose the right adapter. The Baldr S comes with a Glock rail already attached. I had no problem swapping the rails and screwing them in with the Allen wrench. My husband’s very large hands do find the tiny screws a bit challenging to hold. The rails are clearly marked “GL” and “1913” and the positioning is obvious because the rails only fit one way. The “GL” or “1913” will be facing you as you screw the rail in place.

Changing the rails on the Olight Baldr S

Step 3: Position the light with the word “Olight” facing you. There is an arm at the top that loosens the carriage. Pull that forward. Pull forward and the carriage will come right off the light.

Step 4: Face the barrel of your empty gun to the left. Position the carriage under the rail of the gun.

Position the carriage under the rail of the gun. The arm is forward while adjusting the position.

Step 5: Apply the carriage to groove on the lower left side of the gun’s rail. Rock the carriage to the other side, stretching it at the same time. This will open it a little to allow you to attach the other side to the rail.

Step 6: Position the carriage so the front of the light is at the front of the gun. If the light sticks out, your gun’s rail is not long enough for this light. That’s what happened when I tried the Baldr S with a Ruger SR22.

Step 7: Position the light at the front of the carriage and insert it into the grooves. Push back to get it into position. Flip the arm back to hold it in place when you have the right position.

Position the carrier under the rail of the gun. The arm is back to lock it in place.

Using the Olight Baldr S

On/off mechanism: to be honest, the on/off mechanism threw me for a loop the first time I tried an Olight weapon light, but once I figured it out I was good. With the word “Olight” facing you, locate the switch at the very back of the light.

You are looking at the left switch, and its twin is on the right. Push this down quickly and release to turn on the light. Repeat the motion to turn off the light. For a momentary activation, push down the switch and hold it. The light will stay on until you release the switch. The Baldr S is ambidextrous so that you can use either switch to activate the light.

Light/Green Beam: Position the light so that you see the concentric circles of the magnetic charger. The light beam will be pointing to your left and the control will be at your right. Clicking the control to its leftmost position will choose the light beam.

Olight Baldr S. Charging mount in concentric circles. Beam selection switch below charging mount

Move the control to the middle position and you will be using the light beam as well as the green beam. Move the control to the right position and you will use only the green beam.

High/Low: The default is the high beam. Don’t look directly at this beam because it is very bright. To switch between high and low beams, pull the on/off switch down twice in rapid succession, like a double click on your computer mouse.

Calibrating the Olight Baldr S

You want the light to help you aim, so it is necessary to get it as close as possible to the center of your target. Position the light so that the word “Baldr S” is facing you. At the top of this side there are two recesses. The one on your left has an “L” and an “R” to signify left and right. Use your Allen wrench in this recess to adjust the beam left or right.

The second recess is marked “U” and “D” and adjusts the beam up or down. Point your light at the target and keep adjusting until you see the beam right where you want to aim.

Charging the Olight Baldr S

Like other Olight weapon lights, the Baldr S charges magnetically. You attach the magnetic charger to the concentric circle on the bottom of the light and then plug it in to a USB port.

Olight Baldr S magnetic USB charging port

Theoretically, you can even charge it without removing it from the gun. Follow all the safety rules if you try this. Better yet, leave the rail on the gun and remove the light for charging.

USB ports are found on computers and some wall chargers, or you can get an adapter to plug it in to a household outlet.

The clear part of the charger glows red while charging and turns green when fully charged. It takes about an hour to get a full charge.

Evaluating the Olight Baldr S

This is a new product, so I can’t speak to durability, but the Baldr Mini and the Valkyrie have become my husband’s favorite weapon lights. They are solid, reliable, and hardy. When he needs a new flashlight, he automatically thinks of Olight products.

Olight Baldr S, Baldr Mini, and PL Mini-2 Valkyrie

The Baldr S is only slightly larger than the Baldr Mini and the Valkyrie, but it has more features. The Baldr Mini only has one brightness level and the PL-Mini 2Valkyrie doesn’t have the green beam.

We got the black Baldr S, which blends in nicely with most guns. If you’d rather have something a little more showy, choose from desert tan, gunmetal gray, or bright blue.

Olight offers a 30 day money back guarantee and a two year warranty. For U.S. customers shipping is free for orders over $48.97.

Try the Baldr S, and be sure and check out the bundles Olight offers too. They frequently package several lights together to save you money.

See my other Olight Reviews on the Baldr Mini, the PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie, and the EOS Brass Flashlight.

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