Olight O’Pen Pro Limited Edition Brass Bark Review

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Olight sent us the O’Pen Pro Limited Edition Brass Bark penlight to review. We put it through our usual tests and made a video about it. Watch the video here. Get your O’Pen here.

The Olight O’Pen Pro Limited Edition Brass Bark penlight is a high quality heavy metal bolt action pen attached to a multifunctional flashlight and wrapped in a textured skin for grip and style. It comes with an extra pen cartridge and a USB charger. The bolt action operates a green laser at the end of the pen where you usually find the clicker as well as a white light on the pen clip.

The packaging for the Olight O’Pen Pro Limited Edition Brass Bark

Box Contents for the Olight O’Pen Pro Limited Edition Brass Bark

The packaging for the O’Pen Pro is up to Olight’s usual high standards. It came in a sturdy white cardboard box with a lift-off top and a picture of the pen on the cover. This box is suitable for display and we keep our Olight products in their boxes between uses.

Inside the box you will find a yellow plastic insert explaining how to remove the tab that keeps the light from activating during shipping as well as quick-start instructions. Shaped foam and cardboard inserts with cutouts nestle the pen in the box along with a desiccant pack, an ink refill, a USB charging cord, and folded instructions. The pen itself is wrapped in plastic to preserve the brass finish.

The Instructions for the Olight O’Pen Pro Limited Edition Brass Bark

Olight packs a lot of information into a small space with its map folded instructions in 19 languages. Included are specs, illustrations, and basic instructions for use. Specifics for using the light are on the yellow plastic insert rather than in the folded instructions.

Having reached middle age, I can read the specs when I squint and magnify the instructions with reading glasses. The camera on my phone is another option for making the instructions readable. The instructions are adequate for an English-speaking reader.

The Finish on the Olight O’Pen Pro Limited Edition Brass Bark

O’Pen Pro Limited Edition Brass Bark

You can buy an O’Pen (that’s a combination of Olight and Pen, by the way) in a plainer finish, but for a limited time Olight is offering an upgraded look with its brass bark finish. The color has a bronze base with brass highlights and black hardware.

Instead of a smooth finish like your typical penlight, this light has texture, with the bronze base forming a smooth foundation and the brass overlay providing a randomized layer that is almost sharp and looks very much like the bark on a tree.

The body of the pen is heavy and made of metal. The bolt, clip, and endpiece are of thinner metal, but everything on this penlight is sturdy and unlikely to break with heavy use.

The Specs for the Olight O’Pen Pro Limited Edition Brass Bark

High120 23 minutes12 lumens
Medium6040 minutes10.2 lumens 5 minutes
Low202 hoursna
Moon58 hoursna
Runtimes for the Olight O’Pen Pro Limited Edition Brass Bark

Max Output .39mW .39mW (class 1 laser)
Laser Wavelength508-530nm
Max Runtime 4 hours 30 minutes
Throw14 meters
Dimensions6.02″ x .5″
Weight2.38 ounces
Specs for the Olight O’Pen Pro Limited Edition Brass Bark

As always, I weighed and measured the product. According to my food scale, the O’Pen Pro weighs 2 1/4 ounces, compared with a cheap pen I had lying around that weighed 1/4 ounce. The length of the pen with the tip extended was 6 3/8.”

Olight designs its lights to decrease their brightness if you leave them on for a long time in order to save the battery. The light will stay on its high setting of 120 lumens for 23 minutes and then reduce its output to 10% until the battery runs out.

At the 60 lumen medium setting, the light will stay bright for 40 minutes before reducing to 17% for 5 more minutes. The low setting of 20 lumens will stay on for 2 hours and the moonlight setting of 5 lumens will last 8 hours.

The green laser on the end of the pen is a class 1 laser, which means that it is safe for your eyes and skin (don’t stare into a laser). The wavelength of 508-530 nm puts it in the green light portion of the visible light spectrum.

A throw of 14 meters indicates that the light is visible 45.93 feet away from the source, which is sufficient for walking around in a dark house at night.

Lights are rated with lumens and candela. Lumens indicate the light output in terms of the area illuminated, and candela indicate the light in a particular direction. The O’Pen is rated up to 120 lumens and 49 candela. Candela used to be called candlepower and can be equated to the number of candles it would take to produce the amount of light generated.

The Pen Function of the O’Pen Pro Limited Edition Brass Bark

The O’Pen Pro is much heavier and a good bit thicker than a cheap ball point pen, resulting in a more solid writing experience. It is just a tad top heavy. The ink flows smoothly and a refill cartridge is included. The item number on the refill is RF-OL182X BK.

Using the Bolt Action Pen and Light

The Olight O’Pen Pro illuminated

Most pens click at the end to retract and advance the writing tip. Olight went for a style that would appeal to gun owners by adding a bolt action mechanism. To extend the writing tip, move the bolt down and to the left if you are facing the pen. Retract the tip by moving the bolt right and up.

Operate the light when the pen tip is retracted by pushing up once on the bolt. Turn the light off by pushing up on the bolt again. Slide the bolt up and hold while off to switch between brightness settings. Slide up and hold while on to access the green laser.

Charging the O’Pen Pro

Charging the O’Pen Pro Limited Edition Brass Bark

The charging port for the O’Pen Pro is hidden in the middle of the pen. Screw the top away from the bottom and look at the underside of the top to find the charging port. Charge with the USB port on your computer or get an adapter to use the charger with an electrical outlet.

If you want to use the light without the pen, you can press a blue button next to the charging port to operate the light and the laser. The bolt action pen also works when separated from the top.

Our Recommendations

We really like Olight products and find them long lasting and dependable. If you want a very bright penlight and green laser to go with a solid, heavy ball point pen, The O’Pen Pro in Brass Bark is a good choice.

We have reviewed a number of Olight products. Be sure to peruse them all at doubleeaglegunworks.com. Come back often, and try our YouTube channel youtube.com/c/double-eagle-gunworks to learn all about guns and find reviews on gun-related items. Then head over to shop.doubleeaglegunworks.org and we will help you find the guns and accessories you need. Thanks!

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