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Recently we added gunsmithing to our business model. Gunsmithing requires looking down into the tiniest recesses of an unloaded gun to find and fix problems. In order to do delicate repairs, my husband needs to have a hands-free way to hold a powerful light, leaving both hands free to hold tiny gun parts.

We have an ongoing affiliate relationship with Olight; they send us lights and we do honest reviews after testing the lights. See our YouTube channel for reviews on a number of Olight products, including the Perun 2 Headlamp.

The Olight Perun 2 Headlamp is a hands-free way to shine a light on your work, in the manner of dentists and coalminers. Attach the light to the included adjustable straps — one around your head and the other front to back — by means of a thick rubber base with two rings to hold the light.

The Perun 2 shines at the side of the end rather than the top, allowing it to lie sideways across your brow. Its position on the base adjusts in a complete circle. The light comes with a lanyard for your wrist and a clip for adding it to a belt or hat.

The light adjusts from 5 lumens to 2500 lumens and includes an SOS function so that you can use it as a beacon to call for help. A proximity sensor dims the light if it comes to close to an object. The light can be timed to turn off in 3 or 9 minutes.

When You Might Need a Headlamp

Any time you wish you had a third hand or a helper to complete a task that requires lighting, a headlamp is a viable option. Gunsmithing requires attention to very small parts that require precise alignment lest the gun become unshootable.

Sewing, jewelry making, and other hobbies require attention to small visual details while holding multiple parts at specified angles.

Anything that requires you to go under the house or under the car would be a candidate for using a headlamp: plumbing, electrical work, oil changes, and finding the leak on a bicycle tire, for example.

Because your head naturally points in the direction you are going, you can use a headlamp to go for a walk in the evening or early morning. Just be sure to turn it away from traffic, because its high setting, 2500 lumens, is the equivalent of a car headlight. You don’t want to look like an oncoming car.

The Packaging for the Olight Perun 2 Headlamp

Olight packs its lights in thick, sturdy boxes suitable for display. The Perun 2 came in a white box with a lid that opens lengthwise and closes magnetically. The first item you see when you open the box is a yellow plastic insert explaining how to remove the protective film and charge the headlamp.

The headlamp itself and its clip are nestled in a solid foam bed with a cutout in its exact silhouette. The magnetic charger and the lanyard with pin tool are packed in a thin cardboard box alongside the foam packing, and the remaining thin cardboard box holds the headgear and the map-folded instructions. We keep our lights in their original packaging when not in use because the boxes stack neatly and provide good protection.

The Materials Used for the Olight Perun 2 Headlamp

The headlamp we received is housed in heavy burnt orange metal. The body of the headlamp has ribbed ridges along its length for traction if you hold it in your hand. The indentation at the neck ensures that the clip stays firmly attached.

The clip is a durable metal piece with two bends to allow you to clip from either side, so the light can be facing ahead of you or behind you when it is mounted on the bill of a ball cap. It is springy to allow you to clip it to a hat or a belt, and it is strong enough to stay mounted there. When I put it on the light and took it off several times I had to work hard. That clip is not likely to fall off during use.

The headband is a piece of thick coated elastic running around the circumference of your head and another piece of thick coated elastic that runs from your forehead to your crown. This arrangement is more stable than a simple band around your head.

Thick plastic buckles adjust the elastic to fit your head in the manner of a purse strap. The circular strap has been inserted into a loop in the top strap and that loop is sewn in place in a manner that allows left and right adjustment. The circular strap is inserted at the front through a thick rubber base for the light. The top strap is looped through an attachment at the top of the base.

The base has a rounded cavity for the insertion of the light and two stretchy rings for holding the light. When you insert the light into the base, the rings settle into indentations that allow full rotation without removal. A rubber lip on one ring gives you a place to pull when you want to remove the light.

How the Olight Perun 2 Headlamp is Arranged

Rather than having the light shining off one end like a flashlight, the light is perpendicular to the shaft. This allows you to mount the light across your brow rather than up and down. Because the light has a 360 degree range of motion in the clip and on the headpiece, you can point it directly at the place where you are working or arrange it to give a more ambient light.

Behind the light is a series of deep ribs to keep the lamp in position once you have chosen your angle.

The switch for the light is on the end where a flashlight’s beam would be. On the opposite end is the magnetic charging port.

Measurements for the Olight Perun 2

I measured the light at 4 5/8″ long and 1″ wide at its widest part on the head. The clip is just under 3″ long. The base for the light is 3 3/4″ left to right and 2″ high where it loops onto the top strap.

The light without the clip weighs 5 1/4 ounces according to my food scale. The clip adds 1/4 ounce. The headgear weighs 2 ounces.

How the Headgear for the Perun 2 Fits

My husband has the sort of head that requires extra wide sunglasses, and my head is on the small side for a woman. He found the adjustable straps comfortable. I don’t like anything tight on my head, so I did quite a bit of adjustment before finding the right width for me. There were no sharp edges or spots that dug in, so I was able to tolerate it for the purpose of testing the light.

Specifications for the Perun 2 Headlamp

Throw (meters)183674166
Run Time12.5 days66 hours18 hours240 minutes then 20% 45 minutes2 minutes then 54% 45 minutes
Settings for the Olight Perun 2 Headlamp

Waterproof SettingIPX8
Drop proof1.5 meters
Weight161 grams/5.68 ounces
BatteryMagnetic recharging 21700
Low battery warningVibration every 30 seconds when less than 10% except moonlight setting
Charging cableUSB A type DC 5V 2A
Charging time3.5 hours
Charging indicatorRed = charging; green >95% or disconnected
Specs for the Olight Perun2 Headlamp

The Perun 2 has 5 settings. The moonlight setting casts a barely visible glow of 5 lumens. A night light, for comparison, is around 15 lumens. The Low setting is 30 lumens, Medium is 120 lumens, High is 500 lumens, and Turbo is a whopping 2500 lumens. A car’s headlight ranges from 2000 to 4000 lumens.

Candela ratings tell you how many candles would light the room similarly. The Low settings is 81cd, Medium is 324cd, High equals 1369cd, and Turbo rates 6889 candela.

The throw is how far away you can see when you shine the light. On Low you can throw the beam 18 meters (59.06 feet), Medium reaches 36 meters (118.11 feet), High reaches 74 meters (242.78 feet), and Turbo throws the light 166 meters (544.62 feet).

The waterproof rating on the Perun 2 is IPX8, which means that it is protected against water submersion. You can drop it in the water more than 1 meter deep without worrying about destroying it, even if it stays under for a while.

The Perun 2 is drop-proof from a height of 1.5 meters (just under 5 feet). Olight gives the measurements for the light at 4.75″/120.7mm x 1.13″/28.6mm and a weight of 161 grams/5.68 ounces with battery.

At the Moonlight setting the Perun 2 with a full charge runs 12.5 days. On the low setting it lasts 66 hours. Set on Medium, it stays on for 18 hours.

If left on at the two higher settings, the Perun 2 reduces its output in graduated steps to save battery life. On high, stays on 500 lumens for 240 minutes and then steps down to 54% for 30 minutes. The Turbo setting lasts at 2500 lumens for 2 minutes before stepping down to 20% for 45 minutes.

The Proximity Sensor for the Perun 2 Headlamp

To keep the light from burning items in close proximity, Olight included a proximity sensor. When the proximity sensor detects an obstruction, it reduces brightness for 60 seconds and then turns itself off. The distance at which it deems an object too close depends on the color of the object and its materials.

On the high setting in a dark laundry room, my white washer triggered the proximity sensor at 7 inches. The black dryer triggered the sensor at 1 inch. The light went back to its usual brightness quickly when I pulled it away from the appliance.

Charging the Olight Perun 2 Headlamp

The charger attaches magnetically to the Oligh Perun 2 Headlamp

Olight’s magnetic charging system is one of our favorite features. You hold the charging plate close to the magnetic port on the light and they click solidly together. Plug the charger into a USB port on your computer or add your own cube to use any outlet. A red light glows while it is charging and turns green when the charge exceeds 95%.

Changing the Settings on the Olight Perun 2 Headlamp

There is only one switch on the end of the light. Press it quickly and the light comes on at its previous setting. Press again to turn off the light. Hold the switch down to toggle between Low, Medium, and High. Release the switch when it comes to the setting you want. For the Turbo setting, double click the switch. To get the moonlight setting, hold for one second when the light is off.

The SOS mode transmits light in a Morse Code SOS call for help: three short, three long, three short pulses of light. To activate SOS, triple click the switch. Turn it off by clicking once.

Using the Timer on the Olight Perun 2 Headlamp

You can time your light to turn off after 3 minutes or 9 minutes. When the light is on, double click and hold the switch. It will respond with a single blink to let you know it is on a 3 minute timer. Hold it longer to get 2 blinks and access the 9 minute timer.

If you are unsuccessful in turning on the timer, make sure the light is on before you double click. Otherwise you will just be scrolling through the settings.

Using the Lockout Mode on the Olight Perun 2 Headlamp

When the light is off, press and hold the switch for 2 seconds to lock the flashlight. While locked, the light will enter the moonlight mode if you press and hold the switch for less than two seconds, and turn off again when you release the switch.

Press and hold for two seconds to unlock the light. It will blink to let you know it is unlocked.

The Instructions for the Olight Perun 2 Headlamp

Olight includes instructions in 18 languages on one map-folded sheet. This requires very small print, so I used the zoom function on my camera to read it. The language is clear and the pictures are helpful. Olight’s more recent products have instructions with larger print. You can also read the larger print on the back of the box.

Olight’s Reputation

Olight has enthusiastic followers all over the internet and the world for a reason: these are very good lights.

The Warranty for the Perun 2 Headlamp

Olight offers free shipping in the United States, a 30 day money-back guarantee, and a 5 year warranty on the Perun 2 Headlamp.

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