Olight Review: Odin GL M

5.0 rating
Olight’s Odin GL M comes with an M-lok mount and a remote switch

Olight sent us the Odin GL M weapon light to review. Get one from Olight here. See our YouTube video review here.

The Olight Odin GL M is a weapon light designed for long-barreled guns. With a 215 meter beam and up to 1500 lumens, it gives you a choice of white light, GL beam, or a combination. It includes a vibration battery indicator and a silent metal tail switch. It is compatible with the M-Lok rail. It charges magnetically with an included USB charger.

The Olight Odin GL M endures for up to 6.5 hours on its lower setting of 300 lumens (6 hours with GL beam on). It weighs 7.9 ounces including the battery and mount and has a waterproof rating of IPX4. It is bounceproof at 1.5 meters. It has a remote control and a 3-in-1 tail cap with thumb operation and remote control support.

Run Times for the Odin GLM Weapon Light

The Olight Odin GL M weapon light has a high setting of 1500 lumens and a low setting of 300 lumens. In addition, it includes a green laser for sighting. You can activate the light, the green laser, or both at the same time.

For comparison, a car’s headlight projects 700 lumens on dim and 1200 lumens on bright. The Odin GL M is a little brighter than car headlights on bright.

SettingLumensRun Time (Step Down)
Low3006.5 hours
Low with green laser3006 hours
High 1500100% 2.5 minutes, 37% 155 minutes, 20% 15 minutes
High with green laser1500100% 2.5 minutes, 37% 168 minutes, 20% 20 minutes
Green laser only90 hours
Brightness and Run Time for the Olight Odin GL M Weapon Light

Because you might need to budget the battery charge on your light, Olight uses a step-down feature. On the high setting the light will stay at 1500 lumens for 2.5 minutes, then step down to 555 lumens for 155 minutes, then stay on at 300 lumens for another 15 minutes.  Using the green laser with the light still gives you 2.5 minutes at 1500 lumens, then 168 minutes at 555 and 20 minutes at 300 lumens.

On the low setting, you get 300 lumens for 6.5 hours. With the green laser on you get 6 hours at 300 lumens.

Specs for the Olight Odin GL M Weapon Light

Charging CableMCC3 USB magnetic charging cable Type A, length .5m
Bounce Proof Rating1.5 meter
Waterproof RatingIPX4
Dimensions (including battery)149 x 29mm/5.87 x 1.14″
Weight (including battery)224 grams/ 7.9 ounces including battery and rail mount
Max Light Intensity11,556 candela
Battery3.6V 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable lithium battery
Light SourceHigh Performance NW LED; GL beam emitter<5mW
Mode OperationTail switch
MaterialAluminum Alloy
Projection95-215 meters
Wavelength510-530 nm
Max output5mW
Max runtime90 hours
Specs for the Odin GL M

The Odin GL M has a Bounce Proof Rating of 1.5 meters, which means you should be able to drop it almost 5 feet without harming it. The Waterproof Rating is IPX4, which means that it can handle a splash of water but should not be submerged.

I weighed the Odin GL M with its battery, and my food scale said 6 5/8 ounces. With the rail mount it weighed 7 7/8 ounces. The switch weighed 2 ounces. I measured it to be 5 7/8″ long, 1 3/8″ thick,(top to bottom when mounted on the gun), and 1 1/8″ at its widest point.

The max light intensity for the Odin GL M is 11,556 candela. That is the equivalent of 11,556 wax candles in an otherwise dark room. The green laser is Class 3R/Class IIIa.

The Odin GL M works with any long gun that uses the M-Lok mounting rail. It comes with an M-Lok mounting rail with 2 screws. It is not compatible with the older style of M-Lok rail.

Instructions for the Odin GL M

I am happy to report that Olight was paying attention when I reported in my prior reviews that the instructions were too small too read. The instructions on the Odin GL M are still on a map-folded page in 19 languages, but the font is now big enough to read with just my reading glasses.

There are also written instructions in addition to the icons printed on the instructions for prior lights that we have reviewed. I am very pleased to see the instructions written out in English rather than just pictures.

Olight’s Reputation

Olight has followers as enthusiastic as any I’ve ever seen. They make high-quality, innovative, and durable lights. Olight frequently has flash sales, and you can visit our discount page to find out if they are having one now. Grab the one you want, because they tend to sell out.

Charging the Olight Odin GL M

Olight’s Odin GL M charges magnetically

Olight’s magnetic charging process is quick and easy. Attach the blue circular magnet to the charging plate on the bottom of the unit and plug in the charger.

The included charger plugs into a USB outlet, or you can provide your own adapter and plug it into the normal wall outlet. 

The indicator on the charging cable is red while charging and green when fully charged. The battery vibrates when it needs to be charged: below 20% it vibrates every 5 minutes. Below 5% it vibrates every 10 seconds.

Mounting the Olight Odin GL M

Olight’s Odin GL M mounted on our AR-15

After identifying the right location for mounting the Odin GL M on the M-Lok handguard rail of my AR-15, I had to turn both screws in the same direction to attach them. Then I used the included Allen wrench to tighten both screws. The light slid into a ready-made slot and locked securely. Removing the light required pressing a button to release the hold.

It was easy to attach the magnetic remote to the magnetic tailswitch and the magnets held securely. Getting the remote to lock into the handguard required lining up the ridges in the device with the grooves on the handguard.

I had to use a great deal of force and ended up breaking a nail. My husband tells me that proper hand placement would have prevented the nail breakage. Removing it also used a great deal of thumb strength. My hulk-like husband, on the other hand, had no difficulty with mounting and removing the switch.

Using the Olight Odin GL M

Olight’s Odin GL M includes a remote switch

Using the light was easy. I mounted it where my supporting hand would be and used my thumb to activate the switch. There is a button for the low setting and another for the high setting.

Turning the light on and off with the remote requires a single press of the switch. Press and hold the “LO” or “HI” button for a momentary activation that ceases when you release the switch.

The light can also be used without the remote. Click the tail switch quickly to turn it off or on. Press and hold the tail switch for a momentary activation. Rotate the ring at the head of the light to choose between light, laser, or light with laser. Pressing the switch lightly activates the low beam and pressing more deeply activates the high beam.

Zeroing the laser was easy with the two screws that adjust windage and elevation, and shooting the gun did not cause the laser to lose its place.

Olight’s Guarantee

Olight offers a 30 day return policy from the time you received the product and will pay for the shipping of the return. Returned items must be in the original packaging and in original condition. Any free items must be returned with the merchandise.

Warranties vary depending on the product, so read the description carefully. The Odin GL M comes with a 5 year warranty and free shipping within the United States.

Our Recommendations

We are consistently pleased with the products we review from Olight, and we recommend you try them. The Odin GL M is an excellent option for your long guns.

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