We The People Tactical Belt with Talon Buckle

We The People very kindly sent us a variety of items to review. My husband Chris wears out gun belts quickly, so we requested a Tactical Gun Belt with Talon Buckle in size Extra Large. If you decide to buy it, be sure to use our discount code DEG15 to save 15%.

The WTP Tactical Gun Belt with Talon Buckle is stiff and capable of holding as many every day carry items as you can fit around your waist. It does not sag, and the two layers of scuba webbing are well stitched. The thickness of the belt requires extra effort to thread through normal sized belt loops and will take an extra minute or two out of your day. Highly recommended if you don’t mind taking extra time to put it on.

WTP products

We Review We The People Tactical Ta...
We Review We The People Tactical Talon Belt and T-Shirts
are made in America and WTP will send you a belt in the right size if you get the wrong size. This is important because the hook-and-loop closure requires that you choose the right size for your waist.

Click the YouTube video above to see my husband’s video review of the belt. While he discusses its merits, we have a video of him threading the belt loops in the corner so you can see how it works for him.

Packaging of the WTP Tactical Gun Belt with Talon Buckle

When we received the package of We The People items we knew right away that we were dealing with quality products. The shipment came in a large envelope made of thick plastic. Inside the envelope, the belt was coiled in a pizza-style cardboard box that opened and closed securely with a tab that ran the length of its front. The WTP logo featured prominently on the front of the box and its back was printed with their philosophy and their return policy.

Workmanship on the WTP Tactical Gun Belt with Talon Buckle

The WTP Tactical Gun Belt is well made, with even, regular stitching. The layers are firmly attached to each other and I could not wedge them apart with my fingernails. The edges are stiff and firm, the buckle is solidly attached, and the rivets that hold the moving parts of the buckle are flush with its surface, not sticking out.

This belt should last for years, and in fact WTP boasts that their belts may outlast their customers and be passed on to the next generation.

How to Use the WTP Tactical Gun Belt with Talon Buckle

Instead of traditional holes that allow you to change your belt size by using a different hole, this gun belt works on a hook-and-loop system. On the XL size, a nylon tape starts 9 7/8″ from the end of the belt. The last 4 7/8″ on the end of this tape are occupied by the hard side of hook-and-loop, then you have 9 3/4″ of plain tape before it attaches to the belt with 11 3/4″ of soft hook-and-loop.

This tape is threaded through one half of the buckle so that you can adjust the fit of the belt by changing the position of the hard hook-and-loop on the soft hook-and-loop. Once you have threaded the belt through your pant loops, you push the right and left halves of the buckle together until they click.

A protuberance on the hook-and-loop side of the belt buckle (the “male” end) fits into an opening in the other side of the buckle (the “female” end). To open the buckle, you press on two moving parts that extend from the female side of the buckle, moving them diagonally and releasing the male side of the buckle.

After you buckle the belt, you run the end through a piece of elastic that secures it in place.

Sizing For the WTP Tactical Belt with Talon Buckle

Sizing a belt is usually a casual affair because you can add holes if you get it too big or too small. This belt works differently, so get the size that corresponds with your actual waist measurement. The usual advice is to buy your belt and pants one size up if you are using an inside the waistband holster to allow for the width of the gun and holster. Chris wears his pants in a size 40, so he ordered XL.

WTP has already taken into account the extra room needed for your holster, so Chris will need to get the next size down. Fortunately WTP states in its policies that it will exchange your belt for the right size if you order incorrectly.

The reason you need to choose the right size with the WTP Tactical Belt is because the hook and loop will have excess material if you cinch it too tightly. The extra hard hook and loop will extend beyond the soft hook and loop, making a tail of material that will be harder to loop through your belt holes.

Because the material is so thick and stiff, your home sewing machine will not be strong enough to add extra soft hook and loop to the end. You could conceivably cut the extra hook and loop off the end, but it would make more sense just to let WTP send you the correct size. You could also use a rubber band to loop the extra to your belt.

Not one to take anything at face value, I tried on the XL belt even though my measurements are between Small and Medium. By continuing to push the leading edge of the belt through the elastic all the way around to the back of my waist I could actually get it tight enough to wear.

I did have 2 1/4″ of the hard hook and loop left at the end of my soft hook and loop, but that was easily tamed with a rubber band. Obviously you should get the belt in your size.

  • S: 24″-28″
  • M: 30″-34″
  • L: 36″-40″
  • XL: 42″-46″
  • 2XL: 48″-52″
  • 3XL: 54″-58″
  • 4XL: 60″-64″

Materials in the WTP Tactical Gun Belt With Talon Buckle

We The People did not skimp on materials for this belt. Usually Chris buys leather belts that look nice initially but quickly develop cracks where he attaches his flashlight and other gear. There is no chance of that happening with this belt.

Two layers of rigid, heavy scuba webbing are sewn together with four lines of stitching that run the length of the belt. The inside facing has a WTP logo design so you won’t forget who made the belt.

The heavy duty buckle is “designed to outlast your lifetime.” The elastic mag carrier and appendix rig are made of thick, sturdy elastic that stretches to accommodate an extra magazine.

Stiffness of the WTP Tactical Gun Belt With Talon Buckle

A gun belt needs to be stiffer than a regular belt. It’s not just holding up your pants. It is potentially carrying several pounds of extras. Chris carries his Sig P320 in a holster, a flashlight, his iPhone XS, and an extra magazine on his belt. Combined, that adds up to 4 pounds 8 1/2 ounces. He reports that he felt secure all day with everything attached to his belt. Because the belt is not leather, it will not grow and sag with repeated wearing.

It does gradually mold to fit your body, so the first few wearings will be less comfortable until it takes on your shape. The belt itself weighs 11 1/2 ounces.

Features of the WTP Tactical Gun Belt With Talon Buckle

We The People made its tactical gun belt extra stiff to accommodate as much gear as you could possibly want to carry around your waist. The unique belt buckle closes securely and stays closed until you press the two pieces on the side of the buckle to release the hold of the female side of the buckle on its male counterpart.

The extra piece of elastic with its own hook and loop closure wraps around the body of the belt to hold your spare magazines horizontally against your waist, keeping it tightly in place without creating an uncomfortable vertical bulge to poke you in the side.


With nothing attached, the belt weighs 11 1/2 ounces according to my scale. Chris attaches nearly 5 pounds of EDC items with no sagging or stretching. The only limit on how much you can carry is how many inches of waist you have. A law enforcement officer who needs a walkie-talkie and other tactical items could conceivably cover his whole waist in gear and not worry about anything falling off.

Looping the WTP Tactical Gun Belt With Talon Buckle

The only issue Chris had with the WTP Tactical Gun Belt With Talon Buckle was the thickness of it. It is designed to fit a normal 1.5″ pant loop, but the design of the belt makes you pull the buckle through the loops, and that can take extra time. Watch the YouTube video above to see Chris looping the pants all the way through his belt and adding all his EDC gear.

The main body of the belt is 1.5″ wide and 3/8″ thick. The buckle is 1 3/4″ with the buckle 1 3/4″ relaxed or 1 1/2″ with the two ears pressed inward.

I wanted to experience looping the belt myself. I would have needed a Medium to fit properly, but I tried on the XL just to see how it looped. I wore my favorite Chaps Jeans in the Boyfriend Fit, which has 2″ of usable height in the belt loops. I removed the mag holder to cut down on drag and did a dry run before I timed myself.

Threading the belt through the loops, feeding the end into the elastic for security, and buckling the belt took 1 minute 6.5 seconds. Removing the belt by continuing its path forward took 38.38 seconds.

Putting on a regular leather belt (not a gun belt) took me 23.35 seconds. Taking it off took 5.68 seconds.

Wearing the WTP Tactical Belt with Talon Buckle

Chris wore the belt for several days and found it reliable and sturdy enough to hold all his gear.

As a woman I lean toward belly bands and kangaroo style pouch holster just because women have to unbuckle with every trip to the bathroom. Nevertheless, I strapped on the belt and spent the day wearing it.

I have an IWB holster with a magnetic closure, and the extra thickness from looping it an extra time strained the magnet. Once I adjusted so that the holster was only over the part of the belt without an extra layer, the magnet worked fine. In a pair of black pants and a tucked-in black shirt, this belt gave me a definite Catwoman vibe.

I liked the look but I didn’t feel like open carrying, so I changed to a loose Hawaiian print shirt. The stiff belt held my Ruger LCR 5-shot revolver snugly against my abdomen.

I thought such a thick, stiff belt would be uncomfortable, but after a few hours I forgot about it completely. The only time I thought about it was when I went to the bathroom and had to pay attention to the holster as I unbuckled.

Made in USA

We were delighted to learn that We The People makes its product in the United States. The company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Product Warranty

We The People offers a satisfaction/size guarantee. They will accept an exchange or refund request within the first 30 days with no questions asked. They also provide a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Other WTP Products to Try

I was drawn to We The People when I saw the patriotic themed merchandise on their website. They make Kydex holsters to fit your gun exactly. You specify the model of your gun (Sig P320, for example) and what you have attached to it (laser or light). Then you pick the wrap you want, whether black, single color, or themed. My favorites are the American Flag and the Constitution.

You can choose in the waistband or outside the waistband. We have both, so watch for upcoming reviews.

If you don’t want to struggle with looping your buckle through your pant loops, try the Falcon Buckleless Gun Belt. You get the stiffness without the extra bulk of a the buckle. And it’s about half the price.

If your gun prints when you carry concealed, consider getting a Holster Claw. This device fits onto the side of a Kydex holster and snugs the fit for a sleeker profile under your clothes. See our YouTube review of the Holster Claw here.

We The People also manufactures shirts and hats. See the video above for our review of three of their t-shirts. We also tested one of their 30 ounce tumblers. See this post to learn what we thought of it.

We haven’t tried the bacon jerky, but it seems like the sort of thing that would be worth looking into if you need a meaty snack to take with you.

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Carla Pittman

Carla is a Speech Pathologist working in Home Health by day and a blogger by night. She married Chris in 2008 and is working to help him unite his love of guns with his passion for teaching others to carry safely. Her other impetus for blogging is to make Americans aware of their Constitutional rights, which are at risk in the current political environment.

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