We The People Tactical Leggings

We The People sent us a pair of tactical leggings to try, along with a Mystery Hoodie and a Falcon Buckleless Gun Belt. See the gun belt review here. Usually I wear leggings only as pajamas, but I am always ready for a new challenge, so I wore these for two days to see how they would do.  Use our discount code DEG15 for 15% off if you decide to buy.

Review: We The People Tactical Leg... x
Review: We The People Tactical Leggings and Mystery Hoodie
We The People Tactical Leggings are sturdy, comfortable, and flattering due to the thick, stretchy material. They have big, thick belt loops that work nicely with their Buckleless Tactical Belt. Two large pockets on the outer thighs are sufficient for a smart phone, a wallet, and other every day carry items.

The Fit of WTP Tactical Leggings

My first concern when I saw the ad for WTP Tactical Leggings was the waistline. They appeared to ride a little low on the waist, like the jeans that teenage girls wear. Fortunately, when I tried them on my fears were allayed. I am 5’2″ and the waistband on these leggings comes right up to my natural waist.

I am between a small and a medium on the size chart and I opted to go up to the medium. That was the right choice.


US Sizes02 – 46 – 810 – 1214 – 1616W/18W20W/22W
Waist24 – 2626 – 2828 – 3030 – 3333 – 3635 – 3839 – 42
Hip34 – 3636 – 3838 – 4040 – 4343 – 4644 – 4748 – 51
We The People Size Chart for Tactical Leggings

We The People actually has two waist heights: the ones with belt loops sit a little lower than the ones without. They also have capri length and bicycle short length tactical leggings, so I linked you the whole page here.

I measured the medium leggings for you, and you can extrapolate to your size. The waistband is 2″ high.

The five belt loops were 1 5/8″ wide and 2″tall with a little extra fabric to accommodate a thick belt and a seam down the middle for strength. My Falcon Buckleless Gun Belt fit nicely through the loops.

The leggings have a patch pocket on each outer thigh, with the top 5 1/2″ from the top of the waistband. The pockets are 6 1/2″ deep and angled to contour to your legs. The top of the pocket is 5 1/2″ wide and the bottom is 4 1/2″ wide. The nylon reinforcement is on the inside back corner of each pocket and measures 2″ wide.

The leg length on WTP Tactical Leggings is sufficient for someone quite a few inches taller than I am. I could have chosen the capri length if I needed shorter legs. I wear a 28″ inseam in nonstretchy pants.

The distance from the top of the waistband to the crotch seam is 9 1/2″, which ended up being enough for me given the fact that the thick, stretchy material provides just a bit of tummy tightening.

Made in the style of yoga pants, the waistband is thick and stretchy. It does not dig into my belly as some tight-fitting leggings do. The thick, dense, stretchy fabric did a moderate job of holding in my somewhat rounded belly. A small gusset in the crotch keeps the pants from splitting if you decide to do the splits.

Paired with the WTP Falcon Buckleless Gun Belt, they did a fair job of making me look tough. I added my WTP Heraldic Eagle T-Shirt and Mystery Hoodie for a complete outfit.

The Fabric of WTP Tactical Leggings

WTP Tactical Leggings are made of two-sided brushed fabric with 4 way stretch and moisture management aimed at keeping you cool and dry. The pockets are reinforced with heavy duty ballistic nylon so that the pockets don’t shred when you place your everyday carry items in them. The fabric is 95% polyester and a generous 5% spandex. When you pull on these leggings, they snap right back into place with no sagging or bagging.

The brushed fabric feels soft against my skin and does not leave marks at the waist or ankles.

Thick, dense material allowed me to keep my unmentionables to myself

The Workmanship of WTP Tactical Leggings

Everything I’ve examined from We The People has been well made, and the leggings are no exception. The seams are serged, straight and strong. The pockets are reinforced to avoid being damaged by every day carry gear such as knives and pens. The flag logo on the right leg and the AR-15 logo on the left leg are made of thick rubber and are stitched securely all around the perimeter.

The waistband’s thick, flat elastic is evenly gathered and securely attached.

The Washability of WTP Tactical Leggings

A closeup view of the fabric after washing the WTP Tactical Leggings

The washing instructions on the leggings advise “Wash cold with like colors. Line dry or tumble dry low.” I used the normal setting with cold water in my washer and the delicate setting on the dryer.

When I did the video I had not yet washed the leggings, but I had washed the T-shirt. Now I have washed the leggings and the hoodie. They are the same color and only gathered a few particles of lint from other items in the wash. They remain firmly stretchy and the stitches are all intact.

The Features of WTP Tactical Leggings

I have never seen leggings with belt loops before, but I like them. The pockets are deep and stretchy with hidden reinforcements to keep your every day carry items from poking through the stretchy fabric. The rubber patches with a flag and an AR-15 give the leggings an edgy look.

Adding a Gun Belt and Holster to WTP Tactical Leggings

The Tactical Leggings fully loaded with the Falcon Buckleless Belt and two guns

I pulled the Falcon Buckleless Gun Belt through the loops quickly and efficiently and secured it in place with its hook and loop closure. Then I added my husband’s P365 in a 1791 Fair Chase holster and my Ruger LCR in a magnetic holster from Gun Tote’n Mamas. The belt loops accommodate the double width of the belt and the two holsters without strain, and the hook and loop tape did not damage the belt loops.

We The People’s Return Policy

If you get the wrong size, WTP will exchange it for the correct size in the first 30 days. They offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

We The People’s Products are Made in America

As you can tell from the patriotic gear on their website, We The People is an American company. They are headquartered in Las Vegas and all their products are made in the United States. The leggings are handmade.

My Recommendations

If you like wearing leggings, WTP Tactical Leggings will please you. If you don’t usually wear tight clothing in public, these would be a good starter for you because they are thicker than most leggings.

Use our discount code DEG15 to save 15% off your purchase.

I did not feel conspicuous walking around the community doing my shopping in these. I wore them one day with the P365 in the Buckleless Belt and another day with my Ruger LCR.

I tucked my WTP T-shirt into the leggings and added the hoodie. Despite the overtly gun-related apparel, no one gave me a second glance. If you are curious, go ahead and get a pair of WTP Tactical Leggings.

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