Featured Links

To see the law about carrying concealed weapons in South Carolina, visit scstatehouse.gov/code/123c031.php

To learn about the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program for teaching gun safety to children, visit arrowood-firearm-safety-and-training.ueniweb.com

To read the Federalist Papers, written by John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison to explain the Constitution, visit avalon.law.yale.edu/subject_menus/fed.asp

To read the entire Constitution, visit constitutionus.com

To see our YouTube videos, go the the Double Eagle Gunworks channel.

To see our online store, go to shop.doubleeaglegunworks.org

To see our schedule for CWP classes and other classes, go to our Calendar

To sign up for a course, go to shop.doubleeaglegunworks.org

To see all the contact information on every government agency, go to usa.gov

For contact information for the United States Congress, go to congress.gov

If you want to become active in local politics, find a group promoting your values. In Spartanburg County, try Grassroots Spartans. Click the link to see their Facebook page.