Guns through a child’s eyes.

Our 9 Year Old Shoots a Gun x
Our 9 Year Old Shoots a Gun

If you are a child it can be strange if one or both of your parents decide to carry a weapon. To hold a gun for the first time was, I remember, slightly strange. But it made me happy that my parents knew how to defend us, and when I get older I will be able to protect myself.

The very first shooting rule I ever learned was, “Do not point a gun at anything you do not want to destroy.” The second rule I learned was that I should not touch a gun when my parents were not present or could not see me.

Shooting can be a sport or something that you use to defend yourself. While I only shoot for fun right now, and hope I never have to defend myself, I do want to learn.

I hope that your parents decide to take classes from my father on gun rules and to get their Concealed Weapons Permit. If you have any questions, my father has a YouTube channel, and my father and mother have emails so you can ask them a question.

Editor’s note: learn more about children and gun safety in this post, and consider the Eddie Eagle Program for young children.

Emma Pittman

Emma is a ten-year-old who likes to shoot under the watchful eye of her father. So far she has learned to shoot a revolver, several semi-automatics, and an AR-15. She has also driven a tractor and gone fishing. She loves to draw and write.

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