What I Have Learned About Shooting So Far

When I was 8 I played a hunting game at Cabela’s. It was quite a fun experience for me and since then I have shot an AR-15, a BB gun, a semi-automatic pistol, and a revolver chambered in .22 ammunition.

The first gun I ever shot was my pink camo pump action Crossman 760 Pumpmaster BB gun. I thought it was a lot like the video game at Cabela’s, except I wasn’t hunting deer. I was hunting targets.

It didn’t have much kick. It had a pretty nice scope that you could remove to insert the BBs. I was very proud of it. The way you loaded it was to push the loading gate forward, so I had to remove the scope first to get to the loading gate.

I would pour the BBs into the chamber. Do not load in your living room because they will get all in your carpet and you will step on one. They are not as painful as Legos to step on but they are still painful.

I would recommend this gun for beginners because it has a safety lock for children. It was a nice gun and I liked it. At first I couldn’t cock it because my tiny arms weren’t strong enough, but now I can with a little bit of difficulty. My father was quite happy that I had a gun.

The next gun I shot was the Henry Lever Action in .38 Special/.357 Magnum. The Henry is still my favorite gun. Its heaviness helped make the recoil easier to take, and it was easy to shoot.

I shot some of my best target shots with that gun. In fact I hung the target on my door but it looked strange at night so I took it down. It’s not bulky, and it’s really sleek. I like the wood look of it. Even though the BB gun is pink, I like the look of the Henry better. It isn’t as loud as my father’s AR-15.

Then I tried the Walther P22 chambered in .22LR. It did not have kick, which makes it one of my favorite guns. I was shooting at a gun range, so I can’t say for sure how loud it was. “Eyes and ears” are always important. That means glasses and hearing protection.

My family has electronic hearing protection so we can still talk while we shoot. The electronics will muffle the noise only when you shoot and amplify sound between shots. My father has nonelectronic ear protection and glasses for students who come to his range without their eyes and ears.

The Glock 42 chambered in .380 was my least favorite. I shot it at the same range where I shot the Walther. Daddy wanted me to try out different guns in case he gets me one for Christmas. When it comes to guns, he wants all of us to know how to use them–even his 10-year-old daughter.

It was a smaller gun, which means it had less mass to distribute the kick. Since I was holding both hands out, I went backward a little when I experienced the kick. That is why it is one of my least favorite guns–that and the fact that it’s kind of bulky.

The Ruger SR22 chambered in .22LR is a nice gun. Like the Walther, it had little to no kick. It’s the one I am shooting on the Home Page of Doubleeaglegunworks.com. It wasn’t loud. Daddy showed me how to rack the slide on it.

The AR-15 was very loud but did not have as much kick as I had imagined. I shot my father’s American Flag AR-15.

Since we live out in the country, almost all of my friends have shot a gun, driven a tractor, gone fishing, or all of the above. I have done all of the above. All in all, most of these guns did not have much kick.

Out of all of them, the one I recommend for beginners is the BB gun. My favorite is the Henry. The Ruger and the Walther have little to no kick, which I liked. The Glock had a little too much kick, but I am a 10-year-old. Perhaps when I am older I will like it more…

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Emma Pittman

Emma is a ten-year-old who likes to shoot under the watchful eye of her father. So far she has learned to shoot a revolver, several semi-automatics, and an AR-15. She has also driven a tractor and gone fishing. She loves to draw and write.

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